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StrikeTrainer Method

Tennis Ball Method

What is the StrikeTrainer?

The StrikeTrainer TM is a unique device that helps fighters keep their chin down during training by using muscle memory. Unlike the traditional approach, which requires fighters to place a tennis ball under the chin during striking exercises, the StrikeTrainer simply clips onto a fighter's shorts and stays on for as long as necessary.

The Benefits of using the StrikeTrainer

  • Consistency: Because the StrikeTrainer does not fall out, fighters do not have to worry about chasing a tennis ball around every five minutes. This allows them to focus on their technique

  • Maneuverability: Unlike the tennis ball, the StrikeTrainer allows fighters a full range of motion of the head and neck area. This allows fighters to practice bobbing and weaving in conjunction with striking, which reinforces more natural movements.

  • Constant Tension: The StrikeTrainer places constant tension on a fighter's neck, allowing him to build proper muscle memory even when he is not focusing on keeping his chin down.

  • Breathing Technique: Because the StrikeTrainer works by requiring the fighter to bite down on a mouthguard, the fighter develops proper breathing technique throught the entire workout.